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CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD: Part Two

To recap from CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD Part One, CBD isolate is a singular extract that contains only CBD while Full Spectrum CBD retains access to the whole plant cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that naturally occur in hemp.  Per Federal regulations, Full Spectrum CBD contains less than .3% THC.


Broad or Wide Spectrum CBD

Broad or Wide Spectrum CBD refers to hemp extract that preserves the natural cannabinoids and terpenes but removes the THC completely.


Entourage CBD

We have all heard the phrase “the total is more than the sum of the parts.”  Often when extracting singular elements from naturally occurring whole plant extracts, various benefits may be lost.  CBD has over 65 targets throughout our bodies, but its activities vary at each target.  By retaining the other plant properties to create an entourage, these properties enhance the overall effectiveness of the CBD.

A well-rounded Entourage CBD helps maintain effectiveness while lessening dose resistance.  A full entourage CBD may absorb into your body more effectively than a pure CBD extract.  Some of the entourage properties are metabolized by the same enzymes as CBD.  This may delay the break down of the CBD in your body, keeping the CBD in circulation and extending its effectiveness.


What CBD Should You Use?

It is important to understand what type of CBD product you are purchasing.  While some will argue that no type of CBD is better than another, as we have discussed in this blog, there are certainly characteristics that may benefit you more.  Your individual needs should determine which type of CBD is best for you.


Oregon CBD Farms full-spectrum entourage CBD oil may provide better results for you.  Confer with your healthcare professional to see if Oregon CBD Farms CBD oil could be a part of your daily wellness routine.










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