Welcome to Oregon CBD Farms!

Oregon CBD Farms is a network of hemp growers, processors, scientists, and families who are dedicated to providing you the purest and most effective Hemp Oil in the *USA.

Along with the toughest laws in the USA for purity, we use our multi-generational wisdom and passion as generous, transparent healers who give back the very best of what we know to you, your family, and your pets.

Our Oregon Hemp Oil begins with our cherished, legacy Entourage hemp strain. This is the result of nearly twenty years of adaptation to consistently improve on our uniquely beautiful and mysterious natural medicine locked within the plant.

Then we varied the terpene, terpenoid, terpineol, beta caryophyllene, CBX, CBC, CBN, CBG ratios countless times to finally create what we consider perfection... Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil . This is why we often call it "Fortified" Hemp Oil.

Try a 5ml sample today and you will know right away that Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil is ideal for you and whom you love, or your money back.

This is a simple fact. Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil is the purest Hemp Oil you will ever use. Most states in the USA have few laws for purity, and many have no laws at all. Whereas, we have the toughest, self-imposed laws in the *country...

As a community, we voted to be the dominant example of how the *USA should be with purity laws. Perhaps one day others states may follow us...


Why does Oregon CBD Farms have the strictest testing standards for purity in the *USA?



Purity is critical because hemp is a phytoremediator. This means hemp removes toxins, heavy metals, radioactivity, pesticides, organic poisons, and other contaminants from the soil.

Since hemp efficiently removes nasty poisons out of the ground, it retains these poisons within the plant, rendering any Hemp Oil extract toxic and clearly not fit for consumption.

Hemp is used globally for cleaning contaminated soil; whether removing radioactive isotopes from Chernobyl and Fukushima, toxic lead and heavy metals and poisons from super-fund sites, pesticide laden farms, toxic dumps, strip mines, military bases and more.

Since there are mostly no laws about purity, there are nefarious or negligent business people who will legally try to sell this poison to you behind fancy marketing schemes. Please be careful.




FACT: Oregon CBD Farms promises that you and whom you love will always receive the purest and most effective Hemp Oil in the *USA!



*And likely on Earth
Try Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil Tincture. The Purest and Most Effective Natural Medicine Money Can Buy. 600mg/30ml for only $59.95!

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Our Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil is the result of Oregon’s highly adapted Legacy strain that is Entourage processed (whole flower) and fortified with highly structured terpene ratios that far exceeded our expectations. Our consumer release is now available for an introductory price of $59.95 (soon at $79.95), with guaranteed extraordinary results.

People love the true potential of hemp’s rapid and broad balancing effects for sleep, pain, inflammation and much more, yet most Hemp Oil products don't measure up. For many years, we've aligned our Hemp Oil with how Nature simply works. After several trials, we believe we perfected a “Goldilocks” 600mg/30ml tincture. It’s not too weak and not too strong; it’s truly just right.

Emulate Nature! The most important consideration is that this formula at 600mg/ml seemingly eliminates tolerance because we emulate Nature's "low dose, high frequency" method. Regardless of what some scientists say, we are observing a tolerance occurring at geometric levels because of the current "high dose, low frequency" cannabinoid wars. Simply Google “cannabinoid tolerance” and you’ll understand.

This is because of America’s thinking is that stronger is better. However, this is not the case with supplemented cannabinoids, neuropeptides, hormones and other naturally occurring compounds. Your body only understands “low dose, high frequency.” Yet the cannabinoid industry is forcing “high dose, low frequency” on the consumer.

More is not better! Our bodies are not meant to go from ZERO to 40, 50,100, 300 mg a day of any substance without shocking our bodies into emergency feedback/shutdown mode.

Tolerance! This is called a relative or absolute refractory event. When the body either diminishes receptor sites, atrophies pulsatile sources, and/or the cells become unresponsive. Consequently, at high dose, low frequency, people report a loss of remedy after a relatively short period. Don't let this happen to you!

We’ve observed that you should always keep your dose as low as possible and then spread this daily dose throughout the day. There are 30 drops in 1 ml; if you decide that 18 drops will do it… divide them up throughout the day! 2 drops here, 3 drops there, etc. We’d love to see you divide a daily dose over 5 or 6 times a day. But most cannot do this, so we recommend at minimum, that Oregon CBD Farms Hemp Oil is taken twice a day. ½ upon awakening and ½ before bedtime.

For questions and inquiries please read our FAQ's or Contact us.

*USA only

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With an implicit statement of fact, no other Hemp Oil is purer than Oregon, and by law, guaranteed to be 100% toxin free. For many people, a lower than 20mg dose seems to energize and enhance mood, and a 20mg dose seems to calm and induce deep sleep.

Try the World's Purest, Most Effective Hemp Oil 600mg/30ml (20mg/ml) for $19.95 + *FREE SHIPPING

*USA only

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Oregon CBD Farms Quality Standards

Oregon CBD Farms' products are standardized by a series of lab tests that guarantee a consistent amount of cannabinoids as we honor Good Manufacturing Practices.

Oregon CBD Farms unconditionally guarantees our customers that our bio-mass (Hemp) is 100% organic, free of synthetic ingredients, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, radioactivity, and are lab tested as such.

High Tech Tools and Old School Passion. We are healers, not dealers. Our products are to be the purest and most effective on this earth, or we will not sell it.

Our strains are enduring twenty years of adaptation, ensuring that you receive the highest medicine to bio-mass ratio on earth. No one has strains as old as Oregon.

Oregon CBD Farms is in partnership with AntiAging Research Laboratories (AARL) to combine state of the art technology, genetics, and old school farming to create for you the world's purest, cleanest, most potent Hemp Oil, or your money back